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Lark Syrris, MS, MA, LCPC

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), and I have an M.S. degree in Human Services and an M.A. degree in English. The first question people usually ask when we meet is, "How did you get your name?" My mother named me after the expression, "Happy as a Lark," which was a common saying in her time and references many works of literature, including Shakespeare's. For those unfamiliar with the expression, a Lark is a songbird, also known as the Meadow Lark, which is famous for being the only bird who sings while in flight and whose song inspires joy. I find the name suits my personality, and I strive to live up to it!

I have 17  years experience in providing counseling services in different agencies. I launched Halcyon Counseling Center, my private practice, in 2009. My approach to counseling is eclectic, which includes drawing upon many therapeutic models and a wide range of professional and life experiences. My main strength as a counselor is my ability to provide insights that help my clients to discover their strengths and the confidence to achieve their goals. I am optimistic and nonjudgmental. I am an expert in psychology, but I am not an expert on you because you are a unique individual. When you come to see me, I will ask you to fill me in on what it's like to be you and what it is you want to accomplish from counseling, and we will go from there. I am here to support you, not to tell you what to do or what to believe. I will offer feedback regarding my understanding of your story, and I will help you to search for your answers and the solutions that work best for you.

I believe we all need someone who can help us to understand ourselves better and to sustain our motivation to make the changes and life transitions we want to make. 

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